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Killeigh Community Centre

Mission Statement

Our mission statement reads;


To build a Community Centre for the people of Killeigh and its’ surrounding areas for individuals and groups of all ages & social backgrounds. To encourage employment in the area by offering a collaborative link to existing industries and providing a platform for entrepreneurial growth. We will create a facility that will provide meeting spaces, a centre where advice, information and guidance can be distributed as well as, educational, social & leisure opportunities can be enjoyed.


We also plan to create a vision by future proofing the centre to cater for the needs of our next generation by working together with other community organisations so that we can come together and offer the best for our community.


Our Plans

Old Macra Hall

Our project seeks to re-build the existing Macra Hall, a building of local heritage, which is currently unused, vacant and in disrepair and provide the local community with a modern and multi-functional community centre. Currently there is no local community centre that exists to cover the village and its hinterland.

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The original hall which was built in 1965 attracted many people to Killeigh with regular held events for all groups. It was a meeting point for many which was successful in its time



Our new centre will consist of a state of the art hall with two meeting rooms and servery. The rooms will be multifunctional and cater for many purposes

Killeigh Community Centre


Every single donation is another step in our journey to build a centre for the community. Please support us in our project


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Killeigh Community Centre is your community centre. Let us know what we can do for you.

Killeigh Public Relations Officers

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