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Scarlet Desire Art Collection Vol.002 UPD

[309]Mr. John Milton made two admirable panegyricks,as to sublimitie of witt, one on Oliver Cromwel, and theother on Thomas, lord Fairfax, both which his nephewMr. Philip hath. But he hath hung back these two yeares,as to imparting copies to me for the collection of mine withyou[310]. Wherfore I desire you in your next to intimateyour desire of having these two copies of verses aforesayd.Were they made in commendation of the devill, 'twere allone to me: 'tis the ὕψος that I looke after. I have beentold 'tis beyond Waller's or anything in that kind.

scarlet desire art collection vol.002

Anno Domini 163- when the expedition was intoScotland, Sir John Suckling, at his owne chardge, rayseda troope of 100 very handsome young proper men, whom[Pg 242]he clad in white doubletts and scarlett breeches, andscarlet coates, hatts, and ... feathers, well horsed, andarmed. They say 'twas one of the finest sights in thosedayes. But Sir John Menis made a lampoon[BV] of it(vide the old collection of lampoons):

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