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O'olish Amaneh also known as Two Bears, is a servant of the Word, though his exact status and position are never made clear. One of his main roles appears to be bequeathing Knights of the Word with their black runed staff of magic. He serves as a guiding force to Nest Freemark in the Word/Void series, and a voice for The Lady in Armageddon's Children. He clearly possesses great power, though he rarely uses it, and does not seem to combat the demons in the world directly as do Knights of the Word.


O'olish Amaneh reveals much about his past and origins to Nest in the book Running with the Demon. At that time the year is 1997, and he tells Nest that he is fifty-two years of age. Which would put his birth at the last half of 1944 or the first half of 1945. He gives his place of birth as Springfield, Illinois.[5]

O'olish Amaneh became a servant to The Lady after he returned from Vietnam. "I chose my ground a long time ago when I returned from the Nam... I was made strong by the fire that tested me, and I was given purpose."[8] Given this and the statements above it would appear that for a time after Nam Two Bears walked with purpose as a dead man, and then found purpose most likely through contact with The Lady becoming a servant of hers.

In A Knight of the Word, O'olish Amaneh suggests to Nest that both he and The Lady believe himself to be stronger than John Ross. As he says that he was sent as someone strong enough and without fear of death, to take back the talisman from John should he fall to the Void.[9]

Lastly is O'olish Amaneh's great age. If he tells Nest the truth in 1997 that he is fifty-two years of age. That would place his age at 147 or 148 at the time of this final meeting with Logan Tom. There is never any indication as to how he might accomplish this.

John Ross waiting for several weeks after his visit with The Lady and his acceptance of service as her champion, with nothing happening. Then one day while lying on the bed at his parents home, O'olish Amaneh opened the door to his place and stood there. He was very focused in the encountered, and of very few words. He came with a long black staff, with rune marks cut into its shiny surface. He asked him his name, and then held out the staff telling him that it was his to take. He advised that his faith must be strong and that he swore to serve and that recanting was forbidden.

O'olish has to repeat for John to take the staff a few times. Once he finally did, John was wracked with pain. After it passed O'olsih let go of the staff as well leaving it for John. The Indian tells him that he is bound to the staff. That he cannot give it up until he is released from his service. That he should not ever try and put it away or cast it away from himself. After that, he was gone.[13]

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