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Best Buy Buy Online Pickup In Store

What to do before you arriveAfter you receive your Ready for Pickup order confirmation email, make sure the billing person or pickup person (selected during checkout) brings the order confirmation email to the store, along with 2 pieces of ID. At least one piece of ID should be a government-issued photo ID. The second piece can be a personal credit or debit card.

best buy buy online pickup in store

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Nearly all the top brick-and-mortar retailers have moved to an omnichannel model that allows customers to mix digital and in-store shopping options, if they choose. Shoppers can look at an item in a store, but order it online from the same company for at-home delivery. They can also avoid having to wait for delivery by buying online and then picking up their orders in-store.

While overall sales rose by 5.2% during the holiday season, and online sales were up 18%, sales using the buy online and pickup in store (BOPIS) option rose by 46%, according to data provided by OrderDynamics, Bell and Howell and IHL Group. The three organizations recently conducted a study using 300 secret shoppers to determine how 10 top retailers delivered on the three phases of the BOPIS experience -- online purchase, notification, and in-store pickup.

"With this research, we found that almost all of these retailers have done a terrific job improving the online purchase experience," said IHL President Greg Buzek in a press release. "However, there is great work to be done in the store level execution once the order is placed. This includes the time to pick the order, the time to notify the customer, and then the execution of the pickup at the physical store."

The secret shoppers rated the retailers on a five-point scale for their online purchasing experience, in-store pickup experience, total pickup time from entry to exit, and likeliness to recommend/use the service in the future. An overall score was calculated using weighted scores from each component.

On the positive side, all 10 retailers rated above the middle-of-the-road "Satisfied" level overall. Those at the top of the scale did well across all categories, while the bottom-ranked companies generally suffered from inconsistencies in notification times and poor store-level execution during the pickup process. The ratings each for each, from best to worst, were:

The big surprise here may be how poorly Walmart scored, if only because it has been so heavily promoting its new in-store kiosks, which are meant to facilitate the BOPIS process. Walmart's rating took a hit because of its slow notification times and its relatively poor score on the in-store pickup experience.

With shipping deadlines looming, in-store and curbside pickup can be a lifesaver for last-second Christmas gifts. It's a handy feature to take advantage of during the holiday season, and many stores are offering it for a handful of reasons.

First and foremost, store pickup eliminates shipping wait times when purchasing items that are in stock. In the interest of social distancing, curbside pickup is also a good way to keep contact to a minimum, and avoid long checkout lines.

For each store below, we've broken down the different pickup options, what to do after you place your order, what you need at the store, what to do if you'd like someone else to pick up the order, and how long your order will be held at the store. Keep in mind, some stores still require a face covering to enter.

What to do after you place your order: Wait until you receive a pickup notification email before you go to the Store Pickup counter at the store. Keep in mind that your order confirmation is not the same thing as a "Ready for pickup" email.

How long your order will be held at the store: Five days. If your order isn't picked up after this time period, your order will be canceled and you'll be refunded your payment. You can extend your pickup window by checking your order details for extended pickup options.

What to do after you place your order: Wait until you receive a pickup notification email before you go to the store to pick up your item, or in some locations, have an employee bring your order directly to your car.

How long your order will be held at the store: Three days. If your order isn't picked up after this time period, your order will be canceled and you won't be charged. You can extend your pickup window by one day by signing into your online account or visiting your order details page.

What to do after you place your order: Wait until you receive a pickup notification email or text before you go to the designated area in the store or parking lot to pick up your item.

If you'd like someone else to pick up the order: Call the store to let them know the name of the alternate pickup person. The new person will need to bring a photo ID and copy of the notification email.

Particularly as logistics companies like FedEx, UPS, and the USPS continue to struggle with unprecedented demand, the retailers that will be best-equipped to meet holiday demand will be the ones who can also ship out orders from their own stores, which may be closer to many customers than fulfillment centers.

It can also be challenging to train existing retail employees, who are used to focusing on serving and helping customers, to instead focus on speed and fulfilling online orders as quickly as possible. These are problems that exist when retailers add curbside pickup, but can be exacerbated when they add ship-from-store, which will allow them to fulfill more orders beyond just those placed by customers who are within driving distance of the store.

This year is especially important, as analysts project more people to shop online this holiday season compared to last. Particularly as people do more shopping in general closer to the holidays, that will make it harder for carriers to deliver packages within a timely manner. If a big-box retailers wants to offer one or even two-day shipping, it may make more sense to ship that order out from a store versus a fulfillment center.

Retailers around the world are adopting the BOPIS model to meet customer expectations. This popular retail strategy gives customers the best of both worlds by integrating online shopping and in-person pickup.

This strategy is great for retailers who have both a brick-and-mortar store and an ecommerce website and want to offer local pickup as a delivery method at checkout. It lets you optimize the omnichannel retail experience and merge online shopping and physical store experiences. BOPIS makes the buying process more convenient for retailers and customers.

Depending on your BOPIS strategy, you may do pickups in-store or at a designated pickup location. Some retailers are making BOPIS even more convenient by offering curbside pickup. The customer can drive up to your storefront and be handed their order while they stay in their car.

Also, according to Statista, 83% of respondents bought items online and picked them up at the counter in 2019. 63% of respondents said they wanted to try the buy online, pick up in-store service option of a curbside pickup.

BOPIS is a growing trend in retail, and one that is here to stay. According to a commissioned Forrester Consulting study conducted on behalf of Shopify, 45% of consumers said it was important or very important to be able to buy online, and pick up their item in the physical store. To learn more, download the full report.

? PRO TIP: Set up local pickup in Shopify to start offering in-store pickup as a delivery option at checkout. Pay less on last-mile delivery, speed up fulfillment times on local orders, and drive more foot traffic to your stores.

Unless you offer free shipping for online orders, it can be much more expensive for shoppers to have products shipped to them. Conversely, with BOPIS, consumers can save money and time by picking up their purchase in-store or at a pickup point. They can save the $5 they might have spent on shipping, but can still take advantage of ordering online.

? PRO TIP: With Shopify, you can show shoppers using Google which products your store has in stock. List your products on Google for free, show pickup availability to increase store visits, and measure how your listings impact store sales from Shopify.

Curbside pickup has also helped Lululemon sell more in-store. The brand reported 20% of shoppers who chose to pick up their orders in-store made an additional purchase when they came to get their products.

For the BOPIS model to be successful, someone needs to be available to pick and pack the buy online, pick up in-store orders. Depending on the size of your business, you may want to hire additional staff who focus on reviewing and fulfilling BOPIS orders.

Boost customer awareness by creating a BOPIS campaign and sharing it across your marketing channels, including email and social media. You can also put up signage in your retail store so customers know they can pick up online orders in the future.

Shoppers frequently look for convenience, which makes it key to test and implement new customer experiences like buy online, pick up in-store. It lets you compete with the Amazons of the world by using your physical retail store as a fulfillment hub.

Only Shopify POS unifies online and in-store sales and makes checkout seamless. Get all the tools you need to break free from the counter and sell wherever your customers are without worrying about your tech stack, integrations, or fragmented sales reports.

Amazon says that 55-inch TVs should be available for in-store pickup next week, with 65-inch and larger models coming "once inventory is available." Exact TVs and sizes will vary based on the inventory at your local store. 041b061a72

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