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Buy Used Mavic Pro LINK

Whether it is via our Facebook page or via email, we tend to get this question from sellers a lot. The market for second hand drones is quite new, and not everyone knows how to properly price their used drones.

buy used mavic pro

Any savvy shopper looking to pick up a Mavic for cheap will likely gravitate towards paying maybe $50-100 more for a refurbished unit with full warranty and all the original packaging than a used one with no warranty for almost the same price.

People are typically looking for a good deal when purchasing used, and usually need around at least a 20% price differential vs. the new/refurbished price to be interested in a previously owned drone.

Itemizing everything and comparing to current market pricing gives you, the seller, an overview of what you can realistically charge for your used equipment (remember, the average buyer needs about a 20%-30% price differential vs new pricing to consider a used drone purchase).

Ideally, you will want to buy a drone that has been registered. The only acceptable exception is if the drone weighs less than 250 grams and has been flown only recreationally. This extra layer of security somewhat ensures that the drone was not used to do anything illegal.

Other indicators of previous damage are signs that repairs have been done. These could include panels or parts that are seemingly mismatched. A used drone would look appropriately weathered. If the bottom panel or one propeller arm looks new, then that means that those parts have been replaced at some point in the life of the drone. Again, this might be a non-issue if the seller discloses this information voluntarily.

For drones that do not have smart functions, then a visual inspection will do. Look for the usual signs of battery damage such as corroded terminals or swelling. Even a slightly damaged battery should no longer be recharged or used.

You can quickly select your DJI Mavic Pro Remote Controller GL200A using our search bar or step by step method so that you receive an accurate Instant Quote. Remember, our goal is to make selling your DJI Mavic Pro Remote Controller GL200A the quickest, easiest way to sell and trade-in online. We provide free shipping on all orders, pay quickly and your Instant Quote Value is good for 30 buys your used, old, broken and unwanted DJI Mavic Pro Remote Controller GL200A. To sell your DJI Mavic Pro Remote Controller GL200A for cash, simply tell us a little more about your device above and then checkout to get paid.

DJI Mavic Air is currently discounted to $599 here until around 9pm PT today. Mavic Air is a compact yet very capable drone. Its camera is better than that of the 1st generation Mavic Pro. And with a mount from, Mavic Air can be used to carry smaller consumer 360 cameras such as the Insta360 One X (reviewed here). 041b061a72

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