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The Best Drift Game APKs for Android: Reviews and Ratings

The KartRider: Drift APK for Android takes up 844 MB. However, to enjoy the game, you will need to download an extra 2.7 GB of data that will complete the information needed to start your first few races.

Welcome to Japan, the drift's capital of the world! Fasten your seatbelts, rev up your engines, and drift or race on narrow and winding roads. Pass picturesque towns along the way and experience the charm of Haikama Lake. Spend all your savings on cars and taste the Japanese tuner culture.

drift game apk

A unique plot that combines elements of racing games from the west with visual novel storytelling from the east. Play through a story about a foreigner who wants to make a name for himself on the Japanese drifting scene. Slide right into the world of speed and precision, where you'll earn respect by competing for the title of best hashiriya behind the wheel.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then youshould wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

This is a five star game but they haven't updated in so long it won't log in on the new Android versions. If you try to run an older version it makes you update anyway, then it says it failed to log i...

I think it's the best drift game, the only thing missing is the offline option since without the internet you can't play it and that's a disadvantage of not being able to play this great game when it'...

Drift X BURN is the only product from the publisher BBEVGOYMER LTD. Therefore, this game inherits all that is said to be the best of a true drift game. In the game, players will enjoy great racing moments by competing with other opponents. Accordingly, the drifting technique is also featured in this game. Are you ready to receive this technique? Choose the right car for yourself and make the best drifts in this game.

You must have heard of famous names in the racing game genre like Asphalt or Need For Speed. Most of those super products have become immortal monuments in the game market at the present time. Drift X BURN was born as a direct challenge and is ready to usurp the games mentioned above at any time.

It owns the gameplay without too many changes. But the improvement point lies in the racing car system along with the top drifting technique. This is also a special highlight of the game compared to the rest of the products. This will help players enjoy racing in a new style and create racing cars in their own style.

Coming to Drift X BURN, you will practice drifting skills on many different cars. Your task is simply to make as many drifts as possible to get the highest score after each race. Initially, players only have to drive alone without the competition of any other opponents. This is relatively understandable because the publisher wants you to focus on practicing drift skills before thinking about racing.

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The implementation of drift phases in the game must be regular and continuous. Even if you drive on a flat road, you must drift to increase your score. At decisive turns, the drift factor will help you overcome yourself and ensure the safety of the car. In general, practice carefully because mastering drift is not easy at all.

In addition, players can speed up their cars with virtual keys that are intuitively integrated on the screen. Note, please use the drift feature reasonably if you do not want to encounter danger. Drift is great but it will make controlling your car a lot more difficult.

After completing the basic drift training courses, you will be able to start racing with other players immediately through PvP mode. Thanks to an internet connection, Drift X BURN allows you to randomly compete with opponents around the world. This will help players stay in suspense, if not careful you will lose at any time.

Like other games of the same genre, you have the task of becoming the leader of the track before the race ends. Players will face many challenges throughout the game experience. Stay calm and control your car through fateful turns thanks to super drifting techniques.

The graphics quality in the game is great thanks to the built-in 3D format. The details in Drift X BURN are carefully elaborated in terms of form to bring vividness to players when experiencing. The scenery around the track has a very reasonable and beautiful arrangement. It will surely make players feel like they are immersed in the real race. In addition, the transition effect in the game is quite smooth, allowing you to enjoy the game stably on devices with low configurations.

There have been many racing products that have achieved success in the game market. But the arrival of Drift X BURN will bring a breath of fresh air. Thereby giving players more choices to experience. This game owns a lot of new features along with a series of interesting upgrades. So, it will definitely create challenges for hit products like Asphalt or Need For Speed.

Do the brothers remember those years? The games we played together in school. The classic is the classic. Grown up now. The browser opens the game in the website free9977.C0M. Still that feeling. Remi...

CarX Drift Racing 2 is a free car racing game from developer CarX Technologies. As the title implies, this video game places heavy emphasis on drifting mechanics. It features plenty of arcade elements, much like Asphalt 9: Legends, but its realistic drifting and in-depth tuning brings it closer to simulation racing.

CarX Drift Racing 2 is a feature-rich game with intricate mechanics. It provides players with countless customization options to personalize their cars and make them standout. Parts like mirrors, lights, running boards, bumpers, and others can be replaced. There are also various body kits, rims, and vinyl that help players make their cars unique. Players have all the tools to make their cars look the way they want.

CarX Drift Racing 2 MOD APK is a game for you to take part in intense racing tracks with top-notch driving moves. Not just turn on the gas and go to the finish line, all here is a difficult type of road. You need Drift to overtake your opponent, as well as every turn on the way, needs this difference. Immersed in a space full of smoke and dust in the cabin, drivers must demonstrate the best steering skills. If you just attentively depress the gas pedal very hard, you will not be able to finish before others. Even the name also tells the player what they need to do. CarX Drift Racing 2 is a place for drivers who are confident about the ability to control supercars. You will let someone else inhale the dust or be someone who inhales it.

Usually only two people per race, you and one other person. Swapping the two leading and track positions, CarX Drift Racing 2 does not focus on finishing rankings but it is important that you need to get through the curves. On the track with many consecutive turns, if you do not immediately change the way of driving, you can hardly timely make the cargo on the right trajectory. Not too difficult, but you also need time to get used to the gameplay. If possible, take a break, not play continuously.

CarX Drift Racing 2 allows players to experience top speed races. You can search for a club or build your own group. Gain driving experience and show it off in world-class tournaments. Download CarX Drift Racing 2 MOD APK to open the door and sit in the control position, take your car through the drift phases.

Project Drift is an open-world driving game where you drive and design your own cars. The game is free to play and is available on multiple mobile platforms. In the game, you have access to a large selection of high-quality vehicles. You can customize your cars by changing their body style, color, and decal type.

You can also upgrade your cars by increasing their engine power, turbo speed, and braking power. In addition, you can improve the cars' handling and suspension. In the game, you can drive on different road types. You can also drive in different city environments.

Drift Mania Championship 2 is a gorgeous dynamic racing drift game, the game uses a pure 3D engine to build, the picture realistic and delicate, outstanding sound performance, so that players experience the full speed of passion and pleasure, the game operation is quite smooth, the following with the small Edit it together

The game is very realistic car racing system gives the impression of people is very shocking, in and out of the generation, this made a lot of transformation of the screen, texture quality, lighting effects, drift movements have a qualitative leap. Clouds, sunset, snow-capped mountains and other landscapes exquisite lifelike. In addition biased realistic picture style, visual impact is self-evident.

This high-quality images must be accompanied by good music Caixing, the game background music using all the real songs, rock and roll, West Coast rap, heavy metal and other fast-paced songs one after the other, to ensure High turn the audience. Sound effects can also be said to be superior, rhythmic, drift, brake, impact sound also highlights the "real" word.

The game mainly has career, tournament, multiplayer online and practice several modes, including career race to complete the quality of the lap assessment, the tournament is the title of competition with the AI, multiplayer online mode by local or Wifi two ways Fight with friends. Diversified modes, different ways to play the game with a higher playability.

The game has a total of 13 tracks, all people feel pressure on the track, there is no runway part of a run, the absolute test of your drift level. In the game, the four main criteria that affect drift are speed, line, angle, and collision effects. The details of the Department also tends to the real driving experience, so detailed settings is the fun of the game.

Continuously upgrade the car so that they are invincible in the game, the game has a total of 13 two different shape and performance of the car for the players to choose, each car has 48 performance improvement set up, fine to driving adjustment, gear ratio, suspension Adjustment and other professional adjustments, in order to allow players to enjoy the most realistic driving feel in manual drift.

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