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Autodesk AutoCAD 2021 2021.1

With AutoCAD 2021.1, you can mark blocks from the Current Drawing, Recent, or Libraries tabs as a favorite. You can think of the new Favorite tab like a bookmark you might save in a web browser. While you are free to choose any storage path of your choosing, the real magic comes from specifying a cloud storage location.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2021 2021.1

AutoCAD 2021 added the Recent tab to the Blocks Palette. As great as the dynamic library of recent blocks can be, it is also an interface that tends to quickly gather clutter. Working to address that very issue, AutoCAD 2021.1 offers several new options to manage the blocks you see on the Recent tab.

As the Blocks Palette matures within the software, so too does our access to it. AutoCAD 2021.1 further expands our command-line access to the Blocks Palette with a new BLOCKSYNCFOLDER system variable. With it, you can specify the path AutoCAD uses to store blocks displayed on the Recent and Favorites tab.

Although the Blocks Palette is where you will find many of the AutoCAD 2021.1 updates, there are other worthwhile features packed inside this update too. Among my favorites is the new multiple monitor updates.

You have updated Civil 3D 2021 with the 2021.1 Update and have clicked on the Prospector or Settings buttons in the ribbon and cannot get the tabs to reappear in your Toolspace when clicking on them again (they have a Red box around them when trying to turn them back on. 041b061a72

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